Welcome to the school of engineering and built environment.

Engineering being a core component of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), it is a major driving force in emerging trends of the 21st knowledge–based-economy.

School of Engineering and Built Environment (SEBE) in cognizant of the growing demand for highly skilled, innovative and creative manpower in the current job-market, offers both diploma and degree programs which are aimed at producing a technical and practical oriented graduate.

These programs coupled with the highly skilled teachers/trainers and modern engineering tools/equipment in our engineering workshops, by no means guarantee, production of graduates who are highly skilled.

Guided by the market survey and demands from our stakeholders, the school currently offers 8 degree and 6 diploma programs. These programs are geared towards producing a graduate who is highly trained in skills and technical knowhow in readiness to meeting the enormous skilled -manpower demand in firms and industries both locally and internationally.

Once again, welcome to the School of Engineering and Built Environment.

Peter Wanjohi, PhD.




Address: P.O.Box: 143-10300
Kerugoya, Kenya
Email: sebe@kyu.ac.ke
Phone: +254 0709 742000
Website: www.sebe.kyu.ac.ke